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>> there is a fitting is in having this burial. we know that the sun will come back again tomorrow. and as we think of teddy, we know that his new life begins. as we look at this great family , we are sure that it is already beginning and new great things are happening. mr. vice-president, vicki, members of the family, it is for all of us a very special time in our own lives, in your life, in
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the life of our country. we begin in the name the father and the sun and of the holy spirit. dear friends in christ, and the name of jesus and his church, we gather together to pray for edward kennedy, that god may bring him to the everlasting peace and rest. we share the pain of loss but the promise of eternal light gives us, and therefore we comfort one another with these words. cara? >> i am reading from a letter of paul. [inaudible]
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you will

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